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A building is really a complex engineering system. It took very specialized expertise to design and construct the electrical system, the plumbing, the furnace and heat distribution system, the structure of the walls and the roof and so forth. It then took more specialized effort to architect the house and put it all together to work as a unit.


With anything this complex, things are bound to go “out of whack” over time. Sometimes these problems are minor, and sometimes they can be very significant costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars to correct. Worst of all, some minor problems can escalate into major problems if left uncorrected. With a thorough home inspection, you can find out what the “state of health” of the house you are thinking of buying is before you buy.

A residential or commericial building is one of the most expensive purchases we will ever make, so it makes sense. Most of us will take a used car we are thinking of buying to our local shop for a checkout first. If we invest in the stock market, many of us consult an investment adviser. Your potential future home should be treated no differently.

Why should I have a home inspection performed?

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