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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

buying a starter home will not end up paying the same fee as one who is “trading up” for the second or third time.  We feel very strongly that ALL home buyers should have equal access to the same level of high quality home inspection services at fair prices. Just contact us for an quotation.

Home inspection consulting fees may vary widely from one company to another. At Accurate Inspection Services we believe our rates to be competitive and equitable for the high quality of services provided. But…! We are not the cheapest out there. If you’re looking for a “cut-rate” or “low cost leader” or "bargain" property inspection, you’d best look elsewhere; and we wish you well.  Unlike other home inspection firms, we adjust our rates based on the amount of living space in the house; we do not charge a flat fee.  Age and location of the property play a role as well. In this way, a first time home buyer who is likely to be on a limited budget and

What does a home inspection cost?